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This can adjust independently by 2 ways which are the extensions and the compressions in order to master the suspension setting.

The type of having another tank.
Full length adjustable type.

  • MONO tube structure.
  • The use of full length adjustable type.
  • The type of having another tank.
  • Available O/H.
  • The 30 * 30 step damping force adjustment.
  • The shock extension and the shock compression. You can use 2 ways.
  • Spring of ID 62.

The compression power & extension power are adjusted individually.

You can set in maximum 1024 patterns-it means 32 multiplies 32- which is suitable for driving scenes because each adjustments of damping force are independent at compressed condition and extended condition. For example if you want to leave weight at front, you will set the front compressed condition soft and set the front extended condition stiff. This makes the weight keep at front because this setting has the spring extending power get the damping force. In other, this can improve following conditions, the weight decreases in order to sink the rear too much , or the traction of driving wheels decreases. So, we recommend this to the guys who drive in circuit speedily or who want to make own suspensions be great extremely.

The 32 damping adjustment.

Adjustable shock length coilover can be adjusted without affecting the shock stroke.

Spec S adapted adjustable shock length. By this, you can make your car low down without affecting to the shock stroke and you get more low down than time to use the adjustable damper via spring sheet. In addition, you can get comfortable driving without under pressure because you can get enough shock stroke.