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Definitive edition of Largus coilover! Basic style has extensive compatibility vehicles.

This all-around coilover can be best performance everywhere.

  • MONO tube structure.
  • Uperight model.
  • Full length adjustable.
  • Available O/H.
  • Anti-rust procssed.
  • 32 step damping adjustment *some of vehicles are NOT available.
  • Spring of ID 62.

The most popular coilover has the best balance. This spec is standard of all of others.

Frp, developer

Our Spec S coilovers are composed as MONO tube structure. What's the MONO tube structure? In the MONO tube, oil room and gas room are separated each other by piston. This good point is that you can be available in long term without oil degradation because this has enough storage for oil. And this has firm quality without declining power of damping force, and without listening to strange noise which is caused by the oil getting mix to the air.

The 32 damping adjustment.

Spec S adapted adjustable shock length. By this, you can make your car low down without affecting to the shock stroke and you get more low down than time to use the adjustable damper via spring sheet. In addition, you can get comfortable driving without under pressure because you can get enough shock stroke.